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Antibacterial knife sheat

A must have for every chef!



Why are we as chefs the only craftsmen who don’t carry our equipment on us in a tool belt. And how could we combine the two, keep and carry our knives safely while also ensuring that the blade is kept klean, sharp and ready.

  • Ensure HSEQ and food hygiene standards.
  • Cutting-edge culinary innovation.
  • Hand-picked natural textures, inspired by nature.
  • Comfortable fit, practical solutions.

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  • 99% bacterial kill in only 15 seconds!
  • Keeps your blade sharp
  • Gives you full control of your knife at all times
  • You save a lot of time
  • Less chemical spill
  • Chemical-free food and no taste transfer
  • HSEQ and control
  • Personalised equipment that's built to last
  • Designed and developed in Norway
  • From one chef to another; We know what it takes
  • We've taken care of hygiene, so you can focus on your craft


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Antibacterial knife sheat

Introducing the YODIN - XXI Antibacterial Knife Sheath, designed specifically to protect the chef's most important tool: their knife! Elevate your culinary game with sleek and innovative Nordic design. Keep your blades safe and focus on what really matters - creating amazing dishes. This personalized equipment is built to last, ensuring your knife stays in pristine condition.

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Adjustable tool belt made of genuine leather

Introducing the YGDRA Tool Belt - an adjustable and durable tool belt made of genuine leather that is a must-have for any chef or craftsman. Crafted with precision and designed with safety in mind, the YGDRA Tool Belt keeps all your essential tools and equipment together, providing increased efficiency and ease of access.

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An adjustable and stylish accessory

Crafted with precision and designed with the needs of chefs in mind, the YGDRA Neck Belt keeps all your essential tools and equipment together, providing a secure and easily accessible place for your gear and uniform.

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High-quality materials and natural textures

Crafted with the finest 100% cotton material in a stunning Sand color. Our apron is designed with safety and comfort in mind, keeping the needs of chefs at the forefront.

Our snap-on system makes it easy to connect and disconnect the apron to the YGDRA tool belt and neck belt.

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The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

Crafted from high-quality 100% cotton, our YNIVA Snap-on Cloth is designed to offer chefs safety and comfort in the kitchen. With a hand-picked selection of quality materials and natural textures, our cloth offers a comfortable fit while also being innovative and durable. Our snap-on system is easy to connect and disconnect from the YGDRA tool belt, making it a breeze to put on and take off.

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High-Quality and Sustainable

All our leather aprons come in one, adjustable size. They have adjustable belts both at the neck and around the waist to fit all hip widths. YODIN - XXI Antibacterial knife sheath fits all our leather aprons.

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