Food is like love...
- it is better when shared with others!

Our English “Love Food” is about to be launched.

The good life!

Bon vivant is French and refers to a person who loves and lavishes the good life.

Bon Vivant expresses our dedication as a company to imbibing pleasure and quality in everything we do – in our ingredients, our craftsmanship and materials used in our collection.

Our products

Enhanced quality, ensured food safety, assured safety in our production methods, time saved in service and production – these are our key value points we promise to our customers as they use our equipment and products.

We have now obtained a patent for our production methods and are looking forward to sharing more information with you during spring of 2019.


About us

Bon Vivant AS is a publishing house and entrepreneurship founded by Master Chef Silje Merethe Fossnes in 2016.

The primary focus of Bon Vivant is equipment development for the professional food industry.

Our Bon Vivant publishing house has produced the Norwegian cookbook ‘Elsk mat, elsk mer!’ and we are working on its English counterpart ‘Love Food’ as we speak. The vision and values of Bon Vivant AS are to heighten the quality and pleasure of each item we produce.

We are proud of our Norwegian origins and brand!

Bon Vivant AS is in an accelerated period of growth and development. We want to extend our thanks and appreciation to our collaborating partners, customers and supporters. Without each of you our dream would still only be a dream.

Thank you!